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  • Jef Davis

    Jef Davis

    I like fixing things. linkedin.com/in/jeffersonscottdavis

  • Caro Williams-Pierce

    Caro Williams-Pierce

    Assistant professor at the University of Maryland’s iSchool

  • Kelly Shortridge

    Kelly Shortridge

    VP of Strategy @Capsule8. “In the information society, nobody thinks. We expected to banish paper, but we actually banished thought.”

  • Katie Nickels

    Katie Nickels

    I’m passionate about cyber threat intelligence, bringing women into cybersecurity, and Oxford commas. This is my personal blog.

  • Ev Williams

    Ev Williams

    CEO of Medium, partner at Obvious Ventures, co-founder of Twitter, aspiring motivational speaker 🤸‍♂️

  • Jamie Brummell

    Jamie Brummell

    Co-Founder & CTO @ Socura (Managed Threat Detection and Response). Cyber Defence Operations, Digital Forensics & Incident Response

  • Selena Larson

    Selena Larson

    writing things

  • Andy Walker

    Andy Walker

    Ex-Google, ex-Netscape, ex-Skyscanner. Interested in solving complex problems without complexity and self sustaining self improving organisations.

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