Coupling security and safety

Two perspectives, shared objectives


The downsides of emergence (based on Crawley et al: System Architecture)

The era of resilience

We’re in the era of resilience. Image based on Kazuo Furuta: Resilience Engineering

What security and safety can share — and what they can’t

Defining shared objectives

Defining shared scope

Defining the scope as essential functions (based on IEC TR 63069:2019)

Analyze the scope’s risk from different perspectives

Coupling also means that like for coupled train carriages, safety and security CAN travel sections of their journey together, but don’t HAVE TO (and there’s a locomotive called resilience).

Two security and safety projects to watch

Both safety and security need to spread their wings and learn what the other is doing.

Friction generates heat — true for writing and engineering. Fluchsfriction generates writings on security engineering. Heated debates welcome! CTO@admeritia

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